Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Food Adventure Continues

I started this blog when we started changing the way we eat. Finding out we needed to be gluten free, actually for me wheat free, was a huge big deal. Lately finding out that none of us need casein (one of the protein's in dairy) has changed life for the even better. Mark and I are both losing weight effortlessly, we feel better, do more and are much less prone to anxiety even though we currently exist in a very tense time of waiting on God's answers. John is stronger, faster, and more flexible and has actually be released from care of one of his clinic's because he no longer needs physical therapy and his muscles are no longer tight and inflexible. Removing dairy from our diet was actually harder, in that most American recipes are full of dairy of one kind or another, and easier, it leaves the system earlier and doesn't induce the nagging craving issues that wheat do, than we thought. We have found that vegan recipes work well, most of them have a ton of flavor in them and since we aren't interested in a political or ethical food statement we can always add bacon. Because of financial issues we have learned more things, like I can go four days without animal protein without impacting my energy levels or ability to do things and for the most part I don't miss most meats, that does not hold true for bacon. Mark has realized that he doesn't need meat at every meal and both of us have developed a love for beans and greens. So I'm starting writing here again because I am in the middle of a search, I want to find out how many ways I can combine greens, beans and grains (wheat free) with the stipulation that it has to be delicious and cannot be boring. We will see, it should be a fun adventure.