Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge

I have quickly grown weary of hearing people talk about how old they are and then looking and finding that they are my age, or some even younger. I am raising a 7yo, one who will likely need a few more years in the nest than others and who needs me to be very active in his life to make sure that he does finally get to leave the nest, in a good way and for all good reasons, not that other people don't need to do the same, but this is what I need to do. Lately I have been hearing my friends talk about their diets, my friends have great influence over me, not because of peer pressure, but rather because I travel in an e-pack that does a lot of research into anything and everything that they are involved in and come to conclusions based on way way more than just emotion. I followed these friends when they were discussing Nourishing Traditions and it helped, but it still didn't help enough. Mark and I are still both achy and tired more than we would have liked and we have other issues going on that lead me to believe that trying a Paleo - Primal Blueprint - Perfect Health Diet, kind of approach is at least worth trying and taking seriously. I don't personally care what someone's opinion of what cave men ate or didn't eat was, I don't care whether we evolved (we didn't) to eat certain things and frankly I don't really even care what we were created to eat (creation is broken, as are we), I also know full well that we will die, no matter what we eat, how we exercise or anything else eventually we will all die, no 'right' food will fix that. What I really care about is just how crappy we both feel. At this point we are often taking ibuprofen to deal with aches and pains that we did nothing to get, I have always reacted to carbs badly, which is why so many foods around our house are called coma foods, and Mark has had GI issues that have plagued him his whole life and no matter what we have tried over the years we have not been able to make them significantly better. At the bottom of all this we just want to feel better, and we want to figure out what diet works for us and for our house, and then eventually move John onto a blenderized diet of the same. I don't think that I will post here daily about how this is going, I might, who knows, but I will post occasionally and I will definitely post at the end of 30 days.

For the record the 30 days are going to be a mix of the paleo/primal people. Grain free, sugar free, but we are still going to have milk, I don't think that milk is our issue and we have such a nice clean source of raw milk that I hate to even think of giving it up. We want to add in exercise, and will, one of the most encouraging things that I read from friends who are going down this road is that they actually feel good enough that they want to exercise, that's been a while, and I'm really looking forward to this part. Any amazing recipes we find I will post here and other than that we'll just see what happens, we couldn't possibly feel worse than we have been.

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