Monday, December 10, 2007

What's in a Name

I thought a long time about the name of this blog, after all the other one is all about John, or mostly about John and this one is more about me, cooking, food, being a mom, and all those kinds of things. I started off by calling it "What Would Julia Do?" because I really like Julia Child's cookbooks, and poking a little fun at the WWJD crowd was entertaining, but it just didn't sum up what I wanted. Finally after more thought I came up with this name, The Long and Crunchy Road.

The road is the journey of life that all of us travel, this road is mine that I currently travel with my beloved husband, my sweet piglet boy and one silly dog, all sorts of friends, family and who knows who will be on the road ahead. It's been a long road, a darn good one, but at 41 I'm certainly not at the beginning of the road and by God's grace it's one that I'm still traveling, and more importantly still enjoying. The crunchy part cracks me up. It could be referring to the feel of my kitchen floor from time to time when the dog, son and husband occur more often than the broom, dustpan and mop. It could be referring to the two pairs of Birkies in my closet. It could be something to do with the growing amount of things in my refrigerator and cabinets that are labeled organic, whole grain, free-range, etc. It's a combination of those things and all in all its said as much seriously as it is tongue in cheek.

This blog is to give me a place to store recipes, share those things that I love, opine about things from religion to politics and everything in between that drives me crazy or that I just can't stand to not say something about. It's probably going to be crazy and eclectic but then if you've ever met me in person you'd know that it really couldn't be anything else.

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